Tampa New Home Rebate

Tampa New Home buyers, get a rebate of 1% of their new home price!!

My offer to you is simple, when you work with me, and I represent you with the Builder in the purchase of a New home, I will give to you a 1%(rebate) of my sales commission paid buy the builder at the time of closing on the home.

David Tipton Realtor

Be assured, rebating to the Tampa Florida new home buyer is 100% legal in the State of Florida and is warmly welcomed by the federal government as per the Department of Justice.  Here is a quote from the Department of Justice (DOJ) website “Consumers who live in states permitting the option to choose innovative brokerage options, such as rebates or fee-for-service MLS-only packages, can potentially save thousands of dollars on commission payments.”  DOJ Antitrust Division

There is no catch or contracts. My Rebate Program is free and does not obligate you in any way. However, to participate, it does require that you register at the Builder’s sales office on the first visit and identify David Tipton, Broker as the Participating Broker/Realtor. I make this easy by supplying you with a Rebate Certificate (intro. letter) to the builder. This demonstrates to the builder that you learned about their homes from me and one of my web site’s and that you are therefore eligible to receive the cash rebate.

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Just fill out this on-line Rebate Registration form. I will send you a letter to present to the builder. Present a copy to each builder on the very first visit establishing me as your representative with the builder. It’s just that simple.

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